Poem: the Search

Poem: the Search

While gazing out across the sea.

Wide the sky but deep in me.

A seagull cries and in my mind.

My question fills that distant view.

The beady eye as if it knew,

That my thoughts had moved in tune.

To see the new, to touch this panoramic view.

Upon those wings which crossed my eye.

The reason, the meaning I wonder why ?

“A sea, a life & a deep blue sky”, he cried.

Embedded therein the mind blissed me.

The I, the self-aware, at one with me.

A new view is born immersed with all .

I touch, connect, Universally all amongst the clouds.

Within that panorama is a place,

An infinitesimal seed.

A macroscopic jump,

A consciousness need.

Who then is this I?

Who then is this me?

What then is the self felt thee?

My name it fades & with its-identity too.

The grasping need of having too.

Possess, to own or to dictate.

But wait

Let’s pause again to ponder deep.

To recall all as this dictates, reiterates.

The Beauty joy and freedom Found.

To unbind the mind.

To free the identity

To liberate the individuality

Liam September 2017

POEM: Broken

Poem: Broken

If my heart be now broken,

It’s in shattered shards, which fall to the carpet at my feet.

So sad, so deep is our defeat.

Crushed is that goblet of passion.

This sweet wine of love.

Splashed, dashed, wasted.

Like the glass which I threw against the wall last night.

A fight, no, a defeat where the aggressor cries.

Your lack of truth

Your lack of love

Your lack of insight

Each crack, a tremor reducing our foundation to rubble.

Its in the rising dust of disambiguation, in the misunderstood insight.

In the genesis of redefining what really happened.

I feel pain.

Deep true pain.

Hacking like a blunt axe into a green living branch.

The brutality, my sensitivity, the organic death of what gave such joy.

Gasping, choking for breath.

My blooded hands cradle that shattered thing.

Moulding it, forming it, recreating an organ of wonder, of joy, of pulse, of free red blood.

I will regain firm ground.

From which again I’ll reach out anew.

Reach out and find


Another you.

Liam August 2018

Poem: A Simple Grain of Sand

Poem: A Simple Grain of Sand

With determined chin I fix my gaze & march forward to meet this day.

My site is set, the magnitude, the entire grasp of which has freed my mind.

So climb until you reach the pinnacle of this place.

Stand and bare your chest, arms outstretched to the rising sun.

Speak in tongues,

of times to come, of things you’ve seen, of deeds undone.

Let’s take this moment, it’s potential captured in a grain of sand, upon the pinnacle where I stand.

Throw this out for the world to catch with grabbing hand.

Will we match the magnificence of who we are ?

Will we will recognize the true magnitude of the good?

We are not captives in this universal world of stars and planets, of meteorites and cosmic dark holes.

We are its creators emergent from this shining dust.

We have transmutated from that hot cosmic flash and towards its source we will return in the course of living time.

To find the source, to find the seed, to find the meaning this life gives to me.

Yet we are many and with this more, we should, we could unite, with one gaze with one vivid insight .

Transform or even create a future good and fair and strong.

A place for joy and love and care, eradicate the wrong.

Upon the pinnacle you stand alone, in rays of light You meet your future home.

Arms outstretched to left to right, touching the lives of those who reach forward into this day.

The time is right, let the vision of the future call to all.


Liam August. 2018