On Writing Emotional

Writing poetry has enabled me to explore the rich & magical world of emotion. It can be glimpsed at through the lens of poetic integration. Spinning the world of our feelings, with the toolbox of poetic diction.

It is this subtle art, finding a delicate thread to circumscribe an emotion, to capture it in metaphor, onomatopoeia alliteration and all the other poetic jargon that lies with in my writers grasp.

If in the one or other poem you might feel recognized, then my effort has been most humbly praised.

Poem: Let’s get in Step

Poem: Let’s get in step

I will love & find a way to step into your stride,

Hold your hand in storm & in surging tide.

Wide, spread welcome arms to fold you in a happy cry.

A laugh, a simple beating of my heart.

The hearth, the home a we grown place well known.

Can you, could you, should you, will you, step in & touch.

Embrace, the pacing thud of loves red blood ?

The day, the moment of your turning step.

The door is wide, a stage new set.

In stride we march,

An eyebrow arched.

A twinkle from a smile is cast.

Into the dawning of a bright new day,

On sunbeams warm I carry you

Here with me, now to stay ….

Forever & yet one more day .