Poem: The Dance πŸ’ƒ

Poem: The Dance

Shall I take you by the hand to dance & sing.

Then wrap you round my heart in sound.

Where tinkling bells of Wisdom ring.

The thud, the heavy beat of my red blood.

Pulsate galore, the rhythm Dancing on the floor.

This symphony soars, it chimes & flies.

Violins ring, cellos roar, the oboe grunts, & horns galore.

Drum beat heaving through the floor.

We spin, we flow, we turn, we twist

once more,

once more,

once more.

In musical flight ,

harmony sound.

Abound the joyous sense of my love spinning.

Let me orchestrate and conduct,

Drive the flow of sound,

Set up my beat.

Where passion melts, in one become.

This dynamic moment of create.

This very start of feelings new.

Sound so liberatingly profound ensue, the you.

I take thee in a grasp,

Fold you round the music in my breast.

The resonating ring ,

Calling me you sing the song ,

My song of joy,

Becomes yours also to enjoy.

A chorus strong,

Wild flying through the night.

On wings we whirl, we twirl, we curl, we resonate with light.

Invisible we curve in rhythms flight.

Caught tight in magics weft & warp.

Stripped souls we liberate from earthly thought.

A night of dance, of sound, of joyful filled touch,

Eternal moments means so much.

Liam Kennedy


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