Poem: The Forest 🌳

Poem: The forest

Let cathedrals come & go,

Spires reach higher this I know.

Domes spread over ,vast clad in stone.

Is Divinity tied to man alone?

Walk but in a forest , wet & tall.

Black Beech trunks stretch & enthral.

Branches arches leafed & firm

Breaking light beams down confirm.

An auditorium ,

vastness cut through with wood.

A coliseum ,

colossal trunks since time has stood .

An amphitheater ,

stage the seasons changing mood.

Embrace me with insignificance.

Wrap me in inconsequence.

Stun me towards integration.

Enthral me beyond imagination.

The wood

The wet forest

The wet fresh leaves

The wet perfumed bark

The wet chummed humus

Drops roll Off the leaf.

Clear streaks down caress my cheek.

Filigrain green consumes the light,

Absorbed , I share in all Gods might.

Liam. May 2012

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