Poem: My Red Balloon πŸŽˆ

Poem: My Red Balloon

From the edge of the moon,

With my silver spoon .

I’ll scoop heavens honey,

Let fly my balloon.

Catch fly away meteorites

With a net made of silk

While slowly nipping my hot glass of milk.

Those fancy old planets,

Dressed up for the night.

Play hide me & seek me,

With cosmic delight.

The party’s not over,

The fun just begun

Stars wiggle & Squiggle ,

wanting also to come.

To join , play & tumble

right out of the sky.

Eat candy & popcorn just like you & I

The Window frost covered,

Alone in my room.

Gaze out in the night sky,

On the edge of the moon.

Where they are all playing…..

with my red baloon.



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