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A Poem telling the story of desperation and redemption

Angel of Hope

Desperation muse

Of all the times I have waited
Wondering when and why
It’s the moment now that’s  fated
to receive my belated cry.
I cry & call & wish & swear
No difference makes my mood unfair

In silent scream I have to know
What’s going on, where now to go.
With what to do, with whom to show
The Feelings which  I only Know .

Is this cloud with silver lined?
The leaded grey with doubt profound
Holds my gaze, with wrinkled brow
A fascination paralyzed in fear
A grip of steel the end so near.

Then flashes unexpected light
The ray redemption’s calling flight
Back from the edge of darkness
Calling hope….a sliver of silver…

Lpk 2011